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A little gross...but kinda of funny

 So, I know it's been a while since I posted. We finished our renos, have moved into the light, and life is settling a little bit - sort of. The stress of renovating took a bit of a tole on my son, who has ASD. However, we've been trying really hard to help him feel secure and settled, and it seems to be working. He also has his own way of calming himself. His way of settling is a little unusual. He loves order, systems, numbers. He goes over and over things until he's mastered them - the subway system, the digestive system, etc. Which brings me to his latest obsession - mucus. That's right...mucus. I bought him a book at Mastermind a few weeks ago, called "Ouch". Well, he found one picture of bronchioles, in mid asthma attack, constricted with green slimy mucus. He was FASCINATED! Every question he could think of he asked...about mucus. For example, all the different colours of mucus, and what makes them the colour they are, which colour mucus is the worst. A

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