A little gross...but kinda of funny

 So, I know it's been a while since I posted. We finished our renos, have moved into the light, and life is settling a little bit - sort of. The stress of renovating took a bit of a tole on my son, who has ASD. However, we've been trying really hard to help him feel secure and settled, and it seems to be working. He also has his own way of calming himself. His way of settling is a little unusual. He loves order, systems, numbers. He goes over and over things until he's mastered them - the subway system, the digestive system, etc. Which brings me to his latest obsession - mucus. That's right...mucus. I bought him a book at Mastermind a few weeks ago, called "Ouch". Well, he found one picture of bronchioles, in mid asthma attack, constricted with green slimy mucus. He was FASCINATED! Every question he could think of he asked...about mucus. For example, all the different colours of mucus, and what makes them the colour they are, which colour mucus is the worst. A few days ago we were having a nice snuggle on the couch after school.He looked up at at me sweetly and said,

R: "Mommy"

Me: "Yes sweetie"

R: "You what I'm really curious about?"

Me: "What is it Ro?"

R: "Sick mucus".

I think I threw up a bit in my mouth when he said that. Uggg. He asks things like, which is worse, green sick mucus or yellow sick mucus? Does green sick mucus have pus in it, or just bacteria? I think brown sick mucus has blood in it. We have had multiple detailed  conversations about mucus at breakfast, lunch, supper. I think I've lost three pounds since this latest fascination has started. Yuck!!! Anyway, today I think I earned mom of the year. I actually found him a mucus summer camp! O.k., so not exactly - but pretty close. I found a Human body camp at the science  Science Centre, where ha can learn in detail all the systems of the human body, and best of all....they get to make their own mucus to bring home!!! He was so excited that he went to school and told a little boy in his class he's going to mucus camp this summer. The kid looked at him and said..."you mean snot?", Ro says no, mucus, and it's in your bronchioles. Sigh....I hope his next fascination is more palatable. And this will definitely be a scrapbook page soon.


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